Florence Gardner, lcpc

About Me

Florence Gardner, LCPC-C

I have a Maine counseling license (LCPC #CC5034) and an MS in mental health counseling from the University of Massachusetts. In addition, I’ve been a student of Buddhism for thirty years, have two decades’ of leadership experience in organizations, and a PhD in human geography from UC Berkeley.

I’m a parent to my young adult stepdaughter and to my teenage son. I am in a long-term and deeply satisfying partnership with my husband. I have myself been a client in therapy and have found lasting healing through that work. I have a deep trust in our capacity to find wellness and stop unnecessary suffering in our lives, given the right tools and an environment of safety and compassion.

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to overcoming challenges in our lives. Our stories and our needs are particular to us. I integrate a variety of evidence-based approaches in my work, including mindfulness practices, sensory awareness, motivational interviewing, compassion-based counseling, and cognitive behavioral work.

In individual sessions, we will certainly talk — but as it suits you, we can also play, make art, take a walk, sit in a garden, role-play situations, do short writing exercises, or practice guided meditations. In my experience, change happens more effectively when we combine cognitive with non-cognitive modes of counseling.

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