Florence Gardner, lcpc


I am now forming an ongoing weekly women’s group called "Coming Home to Ourselves."

This group is intended to explore our aspirations and remove the barriers between us and the lives we want. People facing a wide range of immediate problems are welcome in these groups, but the group is not defined by our problems.

The group format is semi-structured: there is a short, creative activity to spark off each session, and then the main focus of the group is sharing, support, reflection, and taking risks to give voice to our dreams.

Please contact me for a one-time, no-cost meeting to see whether this group might be a good fit for you. Participants in the group stay as long as they find it helpful, though while you are in the group, you are asked to attend regularly.

Many insurance companies cover group therapy. Information about other wellness groups forming will be announced here and via Facebook and Tumblr.