Florence Gardner, lcpc

Useful Links


Dharma Seed: Extensive library of free talks on Buddhism and mindfulness practices.

Tara Brach: Website of psychologist and meditation teacher with downloadable guided meditations on Radical Acceptance.

Zenosaurus: Blog by John Tarrant, psychologist and director of the Pacific Zen Institute, writing about the use of koans for personal growth.

Mind and Body

Evolutionary Psychiatry: Blog of holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Emily Deans, searchable by topic.

The Dirty Normal: Blog of the Wellness Education Director at Smith College, Emily Nagoski, also a well-known sex educator. (warning: explicit content with occasional profanity).

QiGong for Women: Website of Deborah Davis, QiGong teacher, access to books and DVDs to develop a sustainable QiGong practice.

Parenting and Learning

Each One Thrives: Blog of Education Consultant Meredith Collins, fantastically well-written and kind. I highly recommend her consulting services if you have questions about your child’s learning or your parenting.

General Mental Health Topics

Psychotherapy Networker: one of the better journals addressing all topics related to psychotherapy practices and mental health, searchable by topic.

The Carlat Report, Behavioral Health: Online newsletter discussing a wide range of mental health topics in plain English.

Professional Ethics

The ACA Code of Ethics: the professional code which most licensed mental health counselors must uphold.

Maine state laws pertaining to licensed counselors

Selected Video Links

On Forgiveness: Talk by Buddhist psychologist and meditation teacher Jack Kornfield.

Big Mind Meditation: Guided meditation led by Joseph Goldstein.

The 3-Minute Breathing Space: Very short guided meditation for gathering and calming throughout the day.

Intentional Resting: Short guided meditation for deep rest by Dan Howard.