A Short Guided Meditation to Relax and Be Aware

I recorded this short guided meditation to offer an easy kind of “Mindfulness 101” practice. It works as a stand-alone experience or as a way to get into a settled, open state of mind for writing or reflection. It can also support relaxation before bedtime.

I record custom meditations and guided visualizations for my clients to help them access their own wisdom, facilitate making important decisions, prepare for and recover from medical procedures, and for a variety of other tailor-made purposes. Feel free to email me if there’s a kind of meditation you’d like to see recorded and maybe I’ll put it back up here in the blog.

Side note: the headline of this post is the same as one of my favorite books on meditation and mindfulness, Relax and Be Aware by Sayadaw U Tejaniya. His book can be used to guide a series of short daily practices across a month or just opened in any place and read for inspiration. I recommend it!