How to Get Started

Drop me an email (button below) and let me know a little about what you want help with and any questions you have for me. I’ll let you know whether and how I can be of use to you, and our work together would start from there. There’s no charge for emailing with me to figure out if we would work well together.

Once we get started, my replies to you will have suggestions, resources, and questions to deepen our conversation. They may also include hand-drawn diagrams or guided audio practices.

You get to work with me at a pace you like for as long or as short as you like.

I also read French and Spanish; if those languages are more natural for you, please write to me in them. I’ll respond in English to make sure I’m communicating as clearly as possible.

I work with people all around the world. One of the handy things about working asynchronously is that time zone differences present no obstacle to our conversation.

I charge $150USD/hour. This includes absorbing what you send me and crafting a substantial reply.