I’m an advisor

I work with people asynchronously.

Which is to say — by email, letter, and disappearing text.

I provide counseling and coaching by email for people all over the world.

I help people make their path, clear brush that blocks their way, and find more joy on the journey.

In a world of self-help apps, AI chats, and Zoom meetings, I provide an old-fashioned way for a person to map their way — one word at a time, one thought at a time, in the space between two humans who are taking time to reflect.

Writing allows room for feelings to percolate and ideas to form.
It’s easy on the nervous system and it promotes insight.

You can read more here about why counseling and coaching by email is so effective.

Counseling and coaching by email

is more like a
walk in the woods

or working in the garden,

than having a rapid-fire conversation

with someone in-person.

If you…

have enough meetings in your life

would rather sit under a tree while you work on personal stuff

find your thoughts come together in writing

have limited chunks of time in your day

want your energy to set the pace, rather than the calendar

would like to have resources to refer to again and again

then you’ll find that counseling and coaching by email is a good fit for you.

In addition to text, you can send me audio files, hand-written journal entries, drawings, and photos.

I will give you back a thoughtfully written reply, with tailored resources and actionable guidance that you can pursue in your own time.

I may also create guided audio practices or hand-drawn diagrams to shed light on things we’re talking about.

“… but can you help with this?”

I can help you:

navigate life changes
finish creative endeavors
enhance mental and physical well-being
make difficult choices
map a career path
grow leadership capacities
engineer daily rhythms
build on personality strengths
address relationship and parenting challenges
improve communication with anyone
explore spiritual & philosophical questions

If you’re wondering how I can specifically help YOU, drop me a note.

In a free consult, I’ll let you know concretely how I will help you meet your goals.