Trees: There’s More to Reality Than We see

Take a look at this site with tree root drawings. Here’s one of the humble Scots Pine — isn’t that amazing? Look up your favorite tree and appreciate it in its fullness (you’ll need to look up its scientific name first if you don’t know it already).

We humans walk around on top of the earth. We move fast and don’t like staying in one place for long. We’re a restless bunch.

Get to know a tree well. Plant one if you can and take care of it. When you walk in the woods, remember these drawings. They are a little like that dream where you discover a new room in your house that you didn’t know was there. There is a world out there and while a lot of it is disappointing and challenging, other parts of it are absolutely magnificent.

Here’s an NPR 3-minute listen on the many health benefits of trees: lower stress, less chronic illness, better mood, stronger immune system, reduced ADHD symptoms. A couple of hours a week, doesn’t matter whether you sit or walk among these quiet giants, the benefit is huge either way.