Florence Gardner, lcpc


Trillium in Maine

What is the life you long to live?

What do you want to create in the world?

My job is to help you get there.

I'm a licensed counselor with a private practice in Maine. I help individuals and organizations to grow in healthy ways. 

There are a lot of acronyms and catchy techniques that get talked about in the therapy/mental health/counseling space. I've studied a lot of them. Over fifty years of research tells us that none of these techniques are crucial to good outcomes. What's crucial to good outcomes is a person who is willing to explore their questions or predicaments and a relationship with a benevolent other who brings a steady sense of safety and awareness to this exploration.

I am the benevolent other.

You will know within a couple of sessions with me whether I am going to be helpful to you as your benevolent other.

I would be happy to say more about how I work if you'd like to reach out to me.

I would be honored to walk down the road a piece with you and see how I might be of use in your journey.

Please go on over to the website for my current practice at mainecalmclinic.com for more information.